WE TRAIN:  Without slick productions and gimmicks, we get straight to the point on HR Issues that are important to the company and to the employee.  We have handled such topics as:
  • Social Networks and the Workplace:  How to manage the use of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others to your advantage both with recruiting and employee morale
  • Recruiting Strategies:  A more fine-tuned look at how to source candidates through social media and ensure that you hire the right person for the job.  Includes how to forecast, source, interview (dos and don’ts) and negotiate a job offer.
  • Diversity in the Workplace:  Working with a diverse workgroup including Multi-Generational; Multi-Ethinic; Religious; and Socio-Economic.  What are the laws and best practices to have a productive, respectful workforce.
  • Employee Relations 101: Mitigating Risk:  How and when to use Corrective Action; How to handle the difficult conversations;
  • Disability in the Workplace: What are the requirements and how do you meet accommodation requests
  • Human Resources: How and When to Use Your HR Team
  • The World of the Non-Exempt:  What are the Laws around working with Non-exempts and how can you keep them engaged.
  • Performance Management:  What are you Measuring?  How to take performance management from obligation to effective deliverable.
  • Leadership Development:  The True Difference Behind a Manager and a Leader
  • Social Networks and Finding a Job:  How to use your network to find that next great opportunity
  • Resume Workshop:  Writing a Resume that Will Get You Noticed
  • Interviewing 101:  How to Present Yourself and Get That Job
  • Employee Relations:  What to Do When Something Goes Wrong at Work
  • Basic Employment Law:  What are your rights as an employee
  • Career Movement:  How To Decide What You Want to Do

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