Resume Rework Special

Is it time for you to dust off your resume, or are you out there but not getting the results you want?  Let us help you rework your resume to fit with modern recruiting methods including how to use social media.  Recruiting has changed and if your resume hasn’t changed as well, you just won’t get noticed regardless of how wonderful we know you are!

We charge only $40.00 for a complete rework for all new clients.  Why so little?  Because we’ve been there and know that the last thing you need when you are looking for work is a big bill.    Fill out our contact form and let’s get started!

2 thoughts on “Resume Rework Special

    • Hi Laura

      I would love to help you with your resume! The easiest way is for you to send me what you have via email as well as any specifics about your background or your job goals that you would like me to know. I will then rework your resume to fit the behind the scenes process that recruiters use to screen and send it back to you. We can then discuss any changes or modifications that you would like to make. Easy!

      We charge $40 for a complete rework as well as tips and techniques for landing your next opportunity.

      If you are interested – send your resume to and we can resume talking from there.

      Thanks for reaching out!


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