“I worked with Julia for some time at Health Inventures. She has a great understanding of work-life balance, organizational structure and is progressive in her thinking on ways to enhance organizational/professional lifestyle. Julia is passionate about revealing the strengths in individuals so that they may prosper in both their personal and professional lives. I highly recommend Julia.” September 19, 2012  Ariel Rosemberg, Marketing Communications Specialist, Health Inventures
worked with Julia at Julia Bell Human Resource Consulting, LLC 

“I have worked with many HR personnel over the years but few have demonstrated the level of professionalism as Julia. Julia’s blend of strong interpersonal skills, deep knowledge of laws related to HR and her ability to quickly assess and address difficult people-management issues make her a standout. I hope to have the opportunity to work with her in the future. I would highly recommend her to any organization looking for senior-level experience and expertise.” December 19, 2011  John Seville, CEO & Managing Partner, Chief Technology Consultants, Inc.
worked with Julia at Urban Lending Solutions

“Julia effectively combines big-picture ideation with experienced, detailed advice. On several occasions, I have approached Julia with tricky situations, and she has always responded with reasoned, compassionate, and firm pointers that have directly improved my ability to manage. I’d especially recommend going to her for advice with how to handle those tough conversations that must necessarily be part of every professional’s career. Ask Julia’s opinion, and you will get one worth considering.” December 20, 2011  David Stevens, Operations Manager, Urban Lending Solutions Appraisals
worked with Julia at Urban Lending Solutions 

“Julia is a unique, warm, and simply outstanding HR professional. She has a way of weeding through the minutia and getting right to the heart of the matter. Her clients love her and the employees she supports trust she will approach their issues with respect and handle with the upmost professionalism. She leaves no detail unchecked and no ‘rock’ overturned in her quest for fair outcomes. Any company, big or small, would be lucky to have Julia on their team…HR or otherwise.” March 22, 2010Karen Stone, HR Business Partner, TIAA-CREF
worked indirectly for Julia at TIAA-CREF

“I had the opportunity to work very closely with Julia while she was the HR Manager at Group Voyagers. She was a real gem. In my mind, Julia had all the qualities you look for in an HR Manager. She always took time to listen to employees and help them when she could. But she also understood the importance of holding people accountable and running a business. She’s a very genuine person that I will not forget.” July 8, 2011Jay McCauley, Business Development Manager, PrimeSource Staffing
was a consultant or contractor to Julia at Group Voyagers, Inc.

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