Our Approach

After working in Human Resources for over 15 years, we know that employees don’t want things sugar coated.  Too often HR hides behind slick productions and fancy gimmicks.  We aren’t about that – we don’t get marred in complexity but rather take a simple, straight-forward approach.

Consulting:  We take the time to really listen to what the business needs and take the pulse of the employees before we make any recommendations.  An audit is done of what is in place, what is missing, and where there may be other gaps in the human resource design of the business.  We won’t give you anything you don’t need and will explain every step of the way what you do need and why.

Assessment:  Sometimes the Human Resource department doesn’t seem to gel with the rest of the business.  We tactfully come in and assess why there might be this disconnect.  Listening to all perspectives and reasoning, we help the business decide how best to utilize this important function in their organization.

Training:  Our style is to get right to the point.  We educate in a way that makes sense for the business and means something to the employee.  We won’t throw countless training documents at you that you will never read again – rather, we provide relevant information in a format that is easily accessible.  We also don’t hide behind slick productions or outdated vignettes opting more to have a conversation about the topic using real life questions and scenarios.

Speaking:  Using a blend of humor and insightfulness, Julia Bell is known to keep audiences engaged.  She brings Human Resources into perspective in a compassionate, business savvy way – a blend that makes her presentations palatable for both employees and leaders alike.

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