Who We Are

Welcome to our page!  You are here either because we enticed you through social media, you know our owner, or you have done a google search for HR Consultants and somehow landed here.  So how do we make this a memorable experience?  We can point you to all the practical things we do and the straight-forward way we do them.  We could show you that we actually care by asking you to stop by our Charitable page.  We could brag a bit and say that we have some pretty strong testimonials.

What we would rather do is give you solid information about Human Resources.  Share our insights about human dynamics.  Talk a bit about why this necessary function of a company is often seen as Hard Roadblocks and what companies and HR Practitioners can do about that perception.  Point out how humans don’t change much from the playground to the boardroom.  And not hide ourselves in a lot of fluff that means absolutely nothing to business or employees.  We aren’t a slick operation – we are direct, compassionate, and intuitive about business and the fine art of being human.

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