The Stage of Corporate America

All the world is a stage…and I have found all the drama right in my own company.  It is amazing to me how much time is wasted in business dealing with the emotions, interpretations, perceptions, agendas, and moods of those we work with.  Your end goal in business might be a very simple one but it often will become complex because those involved are all coming from different angles and with different purpose.

The company that can harness these different perspectives and somehow keep the emotions out of it have really landed on a special formula.  As an HR Professional, my job is to deal with the human element of business which includes the dynamics of people working together.  Think of a kindergarten playground – you have your leaders and your followers, your bullies, your wimps, yours nerds, jocks, and cheerleaders.  Now picture a corporate boardroom – not much different.  Where the difference comes is how we handle it – where in kindergarten, students are sat down and educated on how to play nice the boardroom or any part of a company often ignores the dynamic and so these relationships are allowed to grow and fester leading to a tremendous loss of productivity.

And note I said take the “emotion” out of it – not the passion.  We need to get jazzed up about what we need to do.  There is nothing as exciting as thinking you have finally arrived at a solution, or come up with the next best thing.  Passion drives us but emotions get in our way.  I can not tell you how many times I have been passionate about some work I am doing…seriously, I can not tell you.  Instead, I am often dealing with the emotions of those around me that truly zap me of all my energy.

When I was younger, I went to an acting school for the summer in the East.  I am a Colorado girl and had a laid back way about me but found out quickly that I was up against a very hungry acting crowd.  When the first script was distributed, people pushed, bit, and snarled their way to the audition for the desired roles.  I found myself holding open the curtain or designing the set – I just did not have it in me to backstab just so I could land the lead role in Guys and Dolls.  And so I dropped out of trying to be an actress only to find myself years later with a similar group of people backstabbing, biting, and pushing over something they found critical in business. That “thing” never got done, and actually was forgotten in all the chaos.

So why don’t we all take a deep breath and relax.  Brainstorm. Work together toward a common goal. Actually do our jobs.

And cut…..

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