Oh, and don’t forget…

I can picture it now…a heavy duty meeting with a new client, the company oversells and promises that we can staff by 140 new folks in a week, backslaps when the client leaves after signing the new contract, small talk about the upcoming football game starts and someone shares their nacho recipe…and then, as they are turning off the light one of the leaders says…”oh, and don’t forget to tell HR”.

It is amazing to me how little we are brought in to decisions that, quite frankly, can not happen without us and yet that was the case this week with my company.  Assumptions are made about HR all the time without regard to what it takes for us to do what we do.  I get that there are a lot of misnomers about our department and many just don’t know what it is that occupies our time but when you are thinking that you need 140 new people to do the job you just promised a client, why would you not think about HUMAN resources?

Did my team pull it off?  yes they did!  Why?  Because for the last year they have been nuturing relationships with our vendors, because they sat down and came up with a tremendous strategy, and because, quite directly, they are very smart and very talented.  Will the company recognize those efforts?  Probably not…because I assure you that there will be another backslapping meeting of promises where we are again an afterthought.

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